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Table 3 Prevalence of overweight/obesity in school-aged children for different sub-Saharan African Countries

From: Overweight/obesity and associated cardiovascular risk factors in sub-Saharan African children and adolescents: a scoping review

Survey yearInvestigatorsSub-Saharan African CountrySample SizeParticipants’ Ages (years)Diagnostic criteriaPrevalence rates (%)
OverweightObesityCombined overweight/obesity
2009Manyanga T et al [39]Benin268113–17WHO11.20.611.8
2008–2009Dabone C et al [40]Burkina Faso6497–14WHON/AN/A2.3
2010Koueta F et al [41]Burkina Faso43513–25IOTFN/AN/A8.6
2013Choukem SP et al [42]Cameroon13433–13WHO9.62.912.5
2007Manyanga T et al [39]Djibouti171113–17WHO18.85.224
2012Teshome T et al [43]Ethiopia55910–19WHO and TSFT11–12.92.7–3.8N/A
2013Alemu E et al [44]Ethiopia80015–19CDC8.60.89.4
2014Askal T et al [45]Ethiopia8459–14CDC81.89.8
2014Gebremichael B et al [46]Ethiopia46310–18CDC9.92.812.7
2014Shegaze M et al [47]Ethiopia45613–19WHO9.74.213.9
2016Desalew A et al [48]Ethiopia44811–15CDC14.75.820.5
2006Manyanga T et al [39]Ghana615613–17WHO8.71.09.7
2008Kyallo F et al [49]Ghana3449–14WHON/AN/A19
2010Morge V et al [50]Ghana2185–14WHON/AN/A17.4
2010Kumah DB et al [51]Ghana50010–20IOTF12.20.813
2012Mohammed H et al [52]Ghana2705–15WHO15.810.926.7
2010Kramoh KE et al [53]Ivory Coast20386–18BMI459
2011Kamau JW et al [54]Kenya532510–15BMI8.73.111.8
2010Van den Berg VL [55]Lesotho22116WHO, CDC and IOTF10.4–15.41.8–4.114.5–19
2009Manyanga T et al [39]Malawi230513–17WHO100.810.8
2014Oumar H et al [56]Mali9845–19WHO and IOTF2.6–5.12`0.3–1.8N/A
2010Manyanga T et al [39]Mauritania202813–17WHO24.33.427.7
2006Caleyachetty R et al. [57]Mauritius8419–10IOTF17.44.922.3
1983–2013Ejike CECC [58]Nigeria21842⃰3–20WHO, IOTF, TSFT and BMI5–120–5.8N/A
2015Adam VY et al [59]Nigeria1956–12WHO7.73.110.8
2011Faye J et al [60]Senegal235611–17N/AN/A9.34N/A
1999Stettler N et al [61]Seychelles55144–17IOTF12.63.816.4
2001–2004Armstrong MEG et al [62]South Africa10,1956–13CDC15.83.919.7
2010Toriola AL et al [63]South Africa117210–16CDC10.14.915
2011Tathiah N et al [64]South Africa9639–12CDC93.812.8
2013Pienaar AE [65]South Africa5476–9CDC9.47.316.7
2007Aisha AMB et al [66]Sudan805–13CDC18.7518.7537.5
2011Nagwa MA et al [67]Sudan113810–18WHO10.89.720.5
2011Salman Z et al [68]Sudan3046–12CDC14.810.525.3
2015El Raghi HA et al [69]Sudan29010–18BMI26.228.354.5
2012Pangani IN et al [70]Tanzania17818–13WHO15.96.722.6
2015Kimario JT [71]Tanzania14010–12IOTF, TSFTN/AN/A20–24.3
2014Chebet M et al [72]Uganda9588–12BMI32.321.754
2013Nsibambi CAN [73]Uganda19296–9WHO and CDC7411
2011Peltzer K et al [74]Uganda and Ghana561313–15BMI6.190.716.9
  1. *Total sample size of narrative review of 42 studies conducted in Nigeria. BMI: Body mass index; CDC: Centres for Disease Control and Prevention; IOTF: International Obesity Task Force; N/A: Not available data; TSFT: Triceps skinfold thickness; UN: United Nations; WHO: World Health Organisation