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Table 1 Review of laboratory evaluation over the clinical course of treatment with Levothyroxine

From: Van Wyk-Grumbach syndrome in a female pediatric patient with trisomy 21: a case report

Laboratory parameterNormal rangeAt time of diagnosis1 month after treatment2 months after treatment9 months after treatment
TSH0.54–4.53 mIU/mL> 15043.59.21.3
Free T40.85–1.75 ng/dL0.
Total T47.3–15.0 mcg/dL< 0.3  9.4
TPO antibodies0.0–9.0 IU/mL1763.0   
Tg antibodies0.0–4.0 IU/mL85.2   
LH3–7 years:
< or = 0.26 mIU/mL
< 0.02   
FSH0–4 years:
Not established
5–9 years:
0.72–5.33 mIU/mL
Estradiol, 17 betaTanner I < 25 pg/mL154.018.6< 1.0 
Testosterone totalPrepubertal Females:
< 2.5–10 ng/ dL
< 2.5   
AFP<=8.1 ng/mL31.012.22.9 
  1. TSH thyroid stimulating hormone, T4 thyroxine, TPO thyroid Peroxidase, Tg thyroglobulin, LH luteinizing hormone, FSH follicle stimulating hormone, AFP alpha-fetoprotein