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Variants of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (HSD11B) gene type 1 and 2 in Chinese obese adolescents


To investigate the relationship between 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (HSD11B) gene type 1 and 2 and obesity in Chinese child.


A total of 400 obese and 200 healthy adolescents were enrolled as obese and control groups.Seven tagged SNPs in HSD11B1 (rs4393158, rs2235543, rs10082248, rs10863782, rs2236903, rs2298930, rs4545339) and 4 variants in HSD11B2 gene (rs28934592, rs28934591, rs28934594 and rs28934593) were measured by automated platform MassArray.


The rs28934592 in HSD11B2 and rs10863782 in HSD11B1 were excluded as false positive or HWE P<0.05. Moreover, one allele type was found in the other 3 locations of HSD11B2. The minor allele frequency of rs2235543 and rs10082248 were higher in patients than these in controls (P=0.045, P=0.041, respectively). The rs10082248, rs2298930 and rs4545339 were associated with the risk of obesity in the recessive model (P<0.05, respectively). Moreover, the total cholesterol in patients with GG or AG genotype was significantly higher than that in patients with AA genotype in rs10082248. The rs4393158 was associated with the hypertension inlog-additive model test (P=0.037), and glucose abnormal and hypercholesteremiaindominant model test (P<0.05, respectively), while the rs2235543 was associated with hypercholesteremiainoverdominant model test (P=0.017).


The polymorphism of HSD11B1 may be a cause of childhood obesity, or even associated with the complication of childhood obesity. However, variants of HSD11B2 may be not a cause of obesity.

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