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Puberty stages of primary school students


Puberty is the transition from child to adult. Signs of puberty begin 8-13 years of age in girls and 9-14 years in boys. Puberty begins with breast budding in girls and enlargement of the testes in boys.


Knowing the early signs of Puberty in primary school students in South Tangerang, Indonesia.


This is a descriptive cross sectional study of 4th-6th grade to students in two primary schools in South Jakarta, in January 2011.


There are 471 samples met the inclusion criteria, 215 boys and 256 girls. In girls, signs of puberty at age of 9 - <10 years are 48.2%, while in age 12 - <13 all had puberty. In boys, signs of puberty at age of 9 - <10 years are 1.7%, while in age 12 - <13 years are 66.7%. Pubic hair sign in girls at the age of 9 - <10 years (4.4%), in boys aged 11 - <12 years (29%). Occurred menarche at age 10 - <11 years (5.7%).


Signs of puberty in two primary school students in South Tangerang has occurred in the age of 9 - <10 years, both women and men. At the age of 12 - <13 entered puberty had all girls, while boys are not in all (66.7%). In women, the pubic hair appear earlier than men. Menarche occurred from children aged 10 - <11 years.

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