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Table 1 Sexual Function among CAH Women: Relationships with genotype* and surgery

From: Key discussions from the Working Party on Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) evaluation, Foundation Merieux, Annecy, France, March 14-17, 2012

Sexual function Based on genotype and surgery
Clitoral sensitivity Highest for nerve sparing and clitoral placement
  No difference between no surgery and partial resection
  Poorest with subcutaneous clitoral placement/partial resection
Ability to achieve orgasm Did not correlate with sensitivity
  Not different between genotype groups or from controls
Sexual function score Score correlated with severity of genotype
(9 aspects of sexual life) Lowest in null phenotype group
  Lower in null and 12-splice phenotype than controls
Satisfaction with sexual life No difference between CAH women and controls
  CAH group with null phenotype (who had more surgical complications) differed from other phenotypes
  Satisfaction did not correlate with ability to orgasm
  1. *CYP21A2 allele mutations: null, 12-splice, I172N and V281L.