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Table 1 Ecology and economy type of the twenty tribes comprising the study populations

From: Evolutionary fitness as a function of pubertal age in 22 subsistence-based traditional societies

Name Country Ecology Economy Subjects
Aeta Philippines tropical forest mixed 365
Baka (West Pygmy) Cameroon tropical forest forager 217
Batak Philippines tropical forest mixed 36
Arnhem land Australia coastal/desert farming-foraging > 700
Guaja Brazil neotropical forest forager 103
Hadza Tanzania savanna/woodland forager > 700
Hiwi Venezuela savanna/gallery forager 59
Ju'/hoansi Botswana/Namibia desert/savanna forager 278
Maku-Nadeb Brazil neotropical forest farming-foraging 97
Tsimane Bolivia neotropical forest farming-foraging 603
Yanomamo Venezuela neotropical forest farming-foraging 116
Ache Paraguay neotropical forest farming-foraging 484
Casiguran Agta Philippines tropical forest forager 155
Aka Congo/C.A.R. tropical forest forager 186
Efe (East Pygmy) Congo (Ituri) tropical forest forager 145
Gainj & Asai New Guinea highlanders farming-foraging 153
Turkana Kenya savanna pastoral/mixed 417
Warao Venezuela tropical forest forager 116
Gambia Gambia savanna/forest gallery farming-foraging > 700
Toba Argentina savanna/dry forest mixed 411
Wichi Argentina savanna/dry forest mixed 328
Maya Mexico forest/savanna mixed 182