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Table 1 Search strategy for MEDLINE and adaptability to Google scholar data base

From: Overweight/obesity and associated cardiovascular risk factors in sub-Saharan African children and adolescents: a scoping review

Region/Countrysub Saharan Africa OR sub Saharan African OR subSaharan Africa OR Angola OR Benin OR Botswana OR Burkina Faso OR Burundi OR Cameroon OR Cape Verde OR Central African Republic OR Chad OR Comoros OR Congo OR Democratic Republic of Congo OR Djibouti OR Equatorial Guinea OR Eritrea OR Ethiopia OR Gabon OR Gambia OR Ghana OR Guinea OR Guinea-Bissau OR Ivory Coast OR Kenya OR Lesotho OR Liberia OR Madagascar OR Malawi OR Mali OR Mauritania OR Mauritius OR Mozambique OR Namibia OR Niger OR Nigeria ORPrincipe OR Reunion OR Rwanda OR Sao Tome OR Senegal OR Seychelles OR Sierra Leone OR Somalia OR South Africa OR Sudan OR Swaziland OR Tanzania OR Togo OR Uganda ORWestern Sahara OR Zambia OR Zimbabwe OR Central Africa OR Central African OR West Africa OR West African OR Western Africa OR Western African OR East Africa OR East African OR Eastern Africa OR Eastern African OR South African OR Southern Africa OR Southern African.
Disease/Risk factorCardiovascular risk factor OR hypertension OR high blood pressure OR elevated blood pressure OR salt intake OR diabetes OR artherosclerosis OR glucose intolerance OR dyslipidemia OR cholesterol OR triglyceride OR smoking OR tobacco OR alcohol consumption OR physical inactivity OR lack of exercise OR diet OR nutrition OR urbanization OR socio-economic status OR lack of sleep OR sleep apnoea.
ParticipantsChildren OR child OR childhood OR infants OR toddlers OR adolescents OR adolescence OR obesity OR obese OR overweightOR nutritional status OR fat OR fatness OR adiposity OR fatty OR body size