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Figure 3

From: Early onset obesity and adrenal insufficiency associated with a homozygous POMC mutation

Figure 3

Proopiomelanocortin protein. The POMC gene encodes a hormone precursor for distinct melanotropins (MSH), lipotropins, and endorphins including -MSH (amino acids 77-87, shown in light blue), -MSH (amino acids 138-150, shown in green), Corticotropin-like intermediary peptide (CLIP) (amino acids 156-176, shown in yellow), ACTH (amino acids 138-176, in brackets), -MSH (amino acids 217-234, shown in orange), -endorphin (amino acids 237-267, shown in blue), -Lipotropin (amino acids 179-267, in brackets), and Lipotropin (amino acids 179-234, in brackets). The amino acid positions are not drawn to scale. The c.231C>A mutation causes a premature stop within the protein just upstream of the MSH motif.

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