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Table 2 General characteristics of participants' children affected by DSD including genital ambiguity ().

From: Primary Caregivers of Children Affected by Disorders of Sex Development: Mental Health and Caregiver Characteristics in the Context of Genital Ambiguity and Genitoplasty

Age (yr) M= 5.88 (0.5–17.8)
46,XY DSD* n = 14
46,XX DSD# n = 33
Duration of diagnosis (yr) M = 6.2 (0.5–17.8)
Received genitoplasty  
12 mos age (%) n = 21 (63.3)
12 mos age n = 12 (36.4)
Received genitoplasty  
XX DSD n = 25
XY DSD n = 8
Reared male n = 14
Genital phenotype at birth M Quigley rating = 3.4
Reared female n = 33
Genital phenotype at birth mean Prader rating = 3.1
  1. Children with 46,XY DSD were affected by partial androgen insensitivity syndrome, partial gonadal dysgenesis, or an unknown cause. #Children with 46,XX DSD were affected by congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency or transposition of Sry onto the X chromosome. For children who received genitoplasty later than 12 mos of age, mean age for surgery was 22.8 mos ( mos).