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Table 4 Potential curriculum and lecture topics.

From: Guidelines for the Development of Comprehensive Care Centers for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: Guidance from the CARES Foundation Initiative

(i) Newborn screening.
(ii) Sexual differentiation.
(iii) Management of the newborn.
(iv) Treatment options and surgical management of the virilized
(v) Management considerations for different age groups.
(vi) Information for school and sports.
(vii) Treatment of acute adrenal insufficiency including
information for emergency medical services (EMS).
(viii) Reproductive issues and concerns.
(ix) Transition to internal medicine care providers.
(x) Preconception counseling and prenatal diagnosis.
(xi) Diagnosis and molecular genetics of CAH.
(xii) Pharmacology of hormone replacement (glucocorticoids
and mineralocorticoid).
(xiii) Coordination of care—working as a team.
(xiv) Adrenal physiology and pathophysiology
(xv) Steroid biosynthesis